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Pocket Office is the sales force automation software designed by Systech to streamline the workflow of a geographically distributed sales network.

Acquired as a plug-in of the Systech ERP or used as a stand-alone module, eventually integrated with third party software, Pocket Office adapts to the sales policy of any organisation through its extensive configuration possibilities.

Among the most solid sales force automation systems in the market, PO is built on a robust database and is tested for heavy-duty workloads, making it a choice for small teams as well as for internationally distributed sales forces made of hundreds of individuals.

sales force automation

Professional account management

Sales agents can monitor their sales achievements through a real-time, on the spot consultation of their customers status; indeed, our sales force automation software offers:

  • complete customer profiles, including contacts, company interactions log and any other information coming from the ERP or the CRM systems;
  • details of individual customer terms and conditions (discounts, payment terms), as well as sets of T&C for homogenous groups of customers; conditions can be applied automatically upon achievement of a certain purchasing value on a given period, or manually to an account, and can eventually be overwritten (optional);
  • the financial balance of each account, linked to the conditional permission or denial to take new orders. When cash collection is done, the system allows to record it and leave a receipt;
  • the management of Product return, allowing a sell-or-return policy on all or only specific items of the catalogue, together with the repair handling;
  • the priorization of visits and presentations, applied to actionable sales proposals, down-payment requests or other company policies implementation.

A digital company products catalogue, always up-to-date

Sell, upsell and cross-sell your products leveraging on visual tools and a bespoke offer, while saving on short-life paper catalogues or expensive sampling kits. Our digital catalogue includes:

  • the stock availability – configurable according to the company policies, and enhanced with a set of options allowing you to keep taking orders on out-of-stock items or remove them from the list;
  • a very high level of configuration possibilities for offers and promotions, with  an easy handling of products bundling, seasonal offers or even offers available only for specific clusters of clients and conditional offers;
  • a high definition, full-screen pictures management system, integrated with the ERP or benefitting from optional back-office interfaces;
  • full working capability in off-line mode, with configurable synchronisation policies as set by the company;
  • configurable products display, multiple levels of products grouping, multiple views and research tools.
sales force automation

Order acquisition and processing

Remove the paperwork hassle form the agents’ tasks, simplify their work and speed up the order processing system in order to improve your customer satisfaction:

  • process sales, consignments, products re-collection, any other operation with the customer;
  • apply automatically customer-specific conditions to each order, including discounts and payment terms; collect down-payments where needed;
  • remove any post-visit paperwork form the agents tasks, free their time for more visits;
  • receive every single order confirmation in real-time, while the agent can send it on the spot by email to the customer, or just print it with a portable printer;
  • when exhibiting in a trade show, a special mode can be activated to take  orders during the show;
  • confirmed orders are sent to the ERP system during synchronization, and processed right away; in synchronisation, the stock availability is updated automatically in the system.

Sales team management & intelligence

Drive the sales team to success while getting accurate analytics for the board.

  • Desktop dashboard reporting analytical and consolidated data over sales progress and targets.
  • Individual targets setting and monitoring, including monthly or weekly achievements and variations from target.
  • Manage agents commissions, bonuses and other recognitions, sales-based and non-sales based.
  • Non-sales activities monitoring, activity/visits notes, linked to the customers profitability analysis.
  • Every agent information is available on their tablet for immediate control and validation, including discounts capacity, pipeline, comparisons with previous year.

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