A spread sales force network

Operational software to manage a distributed sales network, Pocket Office grants a high level of control over the the daily work of the sales agents team, digitalizing the definition of targets, the monitoring of sales, performances and results of each person, and at the same time serving them with numerous key information.

The ultimate tool for agents and representatives

Agents benefit from a real-time updated, digital catalogue, showing stock levels, as well as a monitoring of each customer’s situation, balance, past orders, volumes. With their application running on a PC or tablet, they can generate order forms on the spot, even in the absence of connectivity.

Powerful, scalable, reliable

Pocket Office is for organizations with structured sales teams in need of a strong system automation to keep growing their business. Built on Oracle database, it grants power, scalability and high reliability, while it can be easily integrated with market leading CRM or ERP systems.