API integration

Extensive experience

API integration has been for a long time the key success factor of our activity, allowing us today to grant above-the-market standards in terms of reliability and long-time stability.

Our digital travel insurance system can be swiftly integrated with the customer’s digital sales channels, payment systems, ERPs and other core systems and applications, so to ensure a flawless experience with the traveling customer across each point of contact.

Enabling end-to-end automation

As the system covers the entire process to deliver a digital insurance experience, it has been natively designed to integrate with existing external data sources to enable parametric insurance solutions, as well as with the systems in place at the insurance company chosen to back the risks.

A 360 degrees business view

Every project is designed with a holistic approach, ensuring a managerial look at the impacts on business, maniac attention to the people involved and a thorough evaluation of each intervention across the other business units.